Spotlight: Meatpacking District

The Meatpacking District has a hot restaurant and nightclub scene, daytime brunch parties and plenty of designer stores. Enjoy anything from a boozy brunch to an early morning (we’re talking 3:00 AM) dance party in this chic neighborhood, once home to the city’s slaughterhouses. The famed elevated park, The Highline, has an entrance here, and The Whitney modern art museum is located on the Western edge of the neighborhood. Come for the shops, stay for the views. Sunset drinks at Le Bain are a must for any visitor.

Going East.

I have exciting news to share, and that’s that SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! After many months of cold weather it’s time to throw on those cute summer outfits and break out the rose. Yes, I said it. And basic as it may sound, it’s true. Sunshine and rose go together like chips and guac, Jay Z and Bey, Sunday evenings and Netflix… you get the drift.

To usher in the summer season, I traveled East to Montauk this past weekend. My girlfriends and I had a great time! We stayed at the Atlantic Terrace which is easy walking distance to town. Our mornings were spent splitting time laying by the pool and splashing around in the waves. We were graced with gorgeous weather! We made our way into town to feast on fish tacos and sample beer at Montauk Brewing Company.

In the evenings we dined at The Crow’s Nest, Navy Beach and Duryea’s. We hit up the usual evening spots: The Surf Lodge, Grey Lady and Ruschmeyers. It was a fabulous weekend filled with good food, good drinks, great weather and awesome company!

A well kept secret

Today I had the pleasure to visit with a dear friend in town from Los Angeles. Not only was she here visiting, but it was her birthday as well, so I knew the pressure was on to find the perfect brunch spot for the jovial occasion. Her trip was sprung on me last minute, and as some of you may already know, trying to secure a brunch reservation at a hot spot is nearly impossible a few days out! I racked my brain for ideas of a place that would be equal parts delicious, festive, and (let’s be honest) Instagram-able. Soon enough a restaurant came to mind that was not only charming, but also a hidden gem of sorts. I thought of Freemans, a colonial tavern tucked away at the end of a mural-lined alley. I checked their reservation system and was disappointed, but not surprised, to find that they were completely booked. I remained confident that this was not the end!

My friend agreed to a brunch time just before noon (actually quite early by NYC standards) so I was able to sneak to the restaurant before meeting her at her hotel. I explained my case to the maitre d’ and he was very accommodating. “A wait of only about 20 minutes,” he said! I raced to the hotel to get the birthday girl and her husband, and we proceeded to Freemans. They appeared a bit confused as I directed them to turn down the nondescript alley, but amused and curious nonetheless. Soon they realized that there was a building with a bright blue door at the end of the alley and thus, a method to the madness.

We admired the graffiti-style art as we moseyed through the narrow passageway, stopping occasionally to snap colorful pictures. Once we reached the restaurant we were greeted warmly and immediately taken upstairs to a couch area where we enjoyed tasty tart grapefruit mimosas while taking in the antique finishes, rustic charm and even some taxidermy… The birthday girl beamed giddily and I could tell that she was already enjoying herself. We enjoyed a filling brunch of both savory and sweet delights with the standout dish being the French toast. It was divine, and I don’t even have much of a sweet tooth! I would go back again just for that dish. Brunch was delicious, the setting endearing, the birthday surprise successful and the company even better!