Going East.

I have exciting news to share, and that’s that SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! After many months of cold weather it’s time to throw on those cute summer outfits and break out the rose. Yes, I said it. And basic as it may sound, it’s true. Sunshine and rose go together like chips and guac, Jay Z and Bey, Sunday evenings and Netflix… you get the drift.

To usher in the summer season, I traveled East to Montauk this past weekend. My girlfriends and I had a great time! We stayed at the Atlantic Terrace which is easy walking distance to town. Our mornings were spent splitting time laying by the pool and splashing around in the waves. We were graced with gorgeous weather! We made our way into town to feast on fish tacos and sample beer at Montauk Brewing Company.

In the evenings we dined at The Crow’s Nest, Navy Beach and Duryea’s. We hit up the usual evening spots: The Surf Lodge, Grey Lady and Ruschmeyers. It was a fabulous weekend filled with good food, good drinks, great weather and awesome company!

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